The Dentist

We have an amazing dentist, which I’m grateful for because we weren’t able to send the kids to a dentist for years.  Poor Tornado E has had to take the burden of that.  Of course, he thinks it’s awesome that he has a silver tooth.  But today he had to get another one because the dentist doesn’t like doing more than one at a time.  The good news is that Tornado E looks great and so do the other two boys.  Sigh of relief.

Since Tornado E had to get another filling and cap, they gave him nitrous oxide.  “Tornado E went on a little trip down mem- Actually I don’t know where he went.  But he had fun,” said the dentist.  I could hear Tornado E talking, and I smiled.

After the younger boys had their check-ups, the dentist gave the boys special lollipops that were suppose to help fight cavities.

The Dentist: They taste ok.

Me: Just ok?

The Dentist: They taste fine.  I like them.  But, you know.

Me: They’re different.

The Dentist: Yeah.

Tornado E: This is the best lollipop I’ve ever had!

The Dentist: (looking surprised) Really?

Tornado E: Yeah!

The Dentist looked at me.  I shrugged.

Me: The drugs are still in his system.

The Dentist:(To Tornado E) I’m glad you liked it.  (To me) If you want more, just call the office.

Me: Thank you.

20 minutes later in the car.

Tornado E: Mommy, this lollipop is gross.

Me: (smiling) But you said it was the best lollipop you’ve ever tasted.

Tornado E: No, it’s not.  It’s kind of gross.

I figured it was the drugs talking.

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