Some Stuff That’s Happened

Because I didn’t get around to doing my recap.

1. So I sprained my ankle last Monday.  While taking out the recycles.  It still hurts.  Probably because I don’t sit down or ice it or prop it up as much as I should.  Parenting.

2. Tornado A is swimming.  I’ve probably said it before.  But it still blows my mind.

3. I’m going to miss movie day with the boys once school starts.  It’s been a lot of fun.

4. My boys all fought to sit next to the Sweet Girl.  When I said it was Torndao E’s friend, the other two protested loudly that she was their friend too.

5. I had to replace my car visor this week.  I’ve had it since my 16th birthday.  My parents bought me a car visor for my 16th birthday, not a car.  My parents have a sick, cruel sense of humor.

6. Tornado E is warming up to soccer.  But he’s also warming up to light cursing to impress the boys on his soccer team.  I’m not afraid to pull my boy off the field to deal with that.

7. Why are we so busy?  Isn’t this the summer?  Isn’t it suppose to be lazy?  Wasn’t I suppose to have time to tackle projects like organize under the sink and develop a new system to deal with paperwork?  Weren’t we suppose to be doing crafts and science experiments and Boy Scout stuff?

8. When asked what kind of haircut he wanted, Tornado S proclaimed, “bald.”  The new hairdresser looked startled and looked over at me.  “He wants a 2.”  My hairdresser turned to her and said, “Trust him.  He really wants this.  They both do it.  It shocks me every time too.”

9. Since my parents were out-of-town last week and The Friendly Giant called in personal days, he met us every day at my parents’ house to go swimming with the boys and me.  Because he’s an awesome uncle.

10. Dude, I’m so stressed out now because of the boys and the ex and mediation and school coming fast.  It kinda sucks.  Which is why I need to work on the 5 more.  The ankle kept me from exercising last week and kept me hanging out in my bed more often where I could study but not write or read blogs or do artistic stuff.  Yes, I need to do the 5 to keep centered.  Or as my best friend Wally said as we ended our conversation the other day, “Remember, Fae, oxygen mask on you first; then the boys.”  And I said, “Pssht.  Fine.”


3 Responses to “Some Stuff That’s Happened”

  1. unicorn Says:

    Giggling at the visor! That’s awesome.

  2. ElastamomTiffany Says:

    I feel like our summer has been ridiculously busy too!!

  3. faemom Says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me. Next summer. I- I’m not really sure what I need to different.

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