Just a Little Trust

There are only two people Tornado A trusts completely.  These people he will jump to from the side of the pool into their arms without holding onto those arms.  Those two people are Papi and me.

With me, he’ll launch himself from the top of the stairs into my arms while I’m still several stairs from the top.  I haven’t dropped him yet.

In the pool, he’ll jump into my arms from the side.  He’ll spin in my arms, briefly letting go, knowing I won’t let him sink.  Granted, he’s slippery, but I haven’t dropped him yet.

Then Saturday after we got the boys haircuts, the older boys were climbing brick planters that run along the edge of a few stairs.  Not to be outdone, Tornado A climbed up behind them.  When the older boys scaled down the steepest side, Tornado A called for me to come closer.  When I got a couple of feet from the planter, Tornado A launched himself at me.  I caught him in the air.  He laughed and repeated the stunt.  Several times.  I didn’t want to scare him by yelling or refusing.  I just caught him.

The kid is fearless.  And I haven’t dropped him yet.


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