Recap 8/2

1. Ohmygod!  A recap!  I know.  I know.  Stupid summer parenting.  I love having the boys around, but I never have time to write or read or anything until the night.  Oh and I’m studying for my history test.

2. Speaking of history, I really thought I would be further along by now.  I’m not.  I need to find some high school history text books.  It’s a good thing I’ve pushed the test back to October.

3. The boys are still all sleeping together in sleeping bags on the floor in Tornado E and Tornado S’s bedroom.  My mom thinks I shouldn’t separate them when school starts because they must need this.

4. The older boys start school Thursday.  How is the summer already over?

5. I dragged the boys to a ceramic place today and forced them to paint a cookie jar with me.  They were less than pleased.  But they want to go back and do their own pieces.  Win!

6. Holy Crap!  Next week: Monday-Soccer, Tuesday-Karate, Wednesday-Boy Scouts, Thursday-Soccer.  Thank God that karate ends this week and soccer ends in two weeks.

7.  I volunteered to be a Tiger Cub den leader.  I also volunteered to babysit a little girl after school until bedtime two nights a week.  While parenting, running a household, and going to school.  I’m obviously out of my mind.  But I’m hoping to quiet girl will rub off a little on the boys.  Obviously I’m out of my godforsaken mind.

8.  I want a genie.  Or a fairy that grants wishes.  I just want a few wishes granted.  Without a weird Twilight Zone twist.

9. I suck at phone calls.  I hate the phone.  I f-ing hate it.  Then I have the brilliant gift of never getting the right people or getting the right people only after days and days of phone tag.  It really does suck.

10. I’m in my Jesus year.  I really should do something more with my life.  I really should work more on my writing.  I had all summer.  Right?  I should also train myself to only go on a few hours of sleep.  That’s really what I should do.  Good plan.

The 5: Eating healthier- Check.  Exercising-Check.  Writing-Um, sometimes.  Doing art- Um, does organizing, cleaning, and cooking count?  Reading blogs- *sigh*  Stupid responsibilities.


2 Responses to “Recap 8/2”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Stupid life interferring with all our plans. sigh.

  2. faemom Says:

    No kidding! I want a 36 hour day. I’m sure I could get all my stuff done then.

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