One of the things I’ve learned being a single parent is organization.  I’m not a natural organized person.  I take that back.  I have my own organization.  If I have a stack of papers, I could tell you that paper X was the 12th one done and paper Y was the 35th.  But with three little tornadoes, that doesn’t work.  God, it doesn’t work.  So slowly I have built my own system.

My chores are divided by days.  I have a mini filing system on the counter.  I have a place that I have all the business cards I need at easy access.  I have two calendars.  My phone is becoming my personal assistant. (Hold on, I need to set a reminder to ask the Ex something.  …. Done.)  And like Homer Simpson, I’ve learned to utilize the power of the hook.

But last year, while I was busy with school on top of other things, I found cracks in my system.  Book report instructions would go missing.  So would school packets.  My spare counter became the junk counter.  My junk drawer- um, yeah.  I hated bath toys.  Just more stuff to pick up.  And my car became overflowing with toys and trash.  Nevemind the time to vacuum it.  And somehow with soccer this summer, I can’t keep straight the stuff we need.  We’re always run late.  I’m never late.

Another thing I learned, probably a week after the Ex moved out, how much I love a clean house.  I like finding stuff.  I like knowing I’ve accomplished something.  I like having control over Something!  So letting a few things slip through my grasp is f-ing annoying.

So this summer, I’ve been working on organizing better.  After a month, I had the junk counter conquered, with new filing system.  Woo.  I cleared off the student desk the boys don’t use and placed paper-holding baskets for the boys to put those important school instructions and homework packets.  I took to Pinterest and found a better solution for storing wet bath toys.  It’s a shower rod hung at soap dish level with hanging baskets.  I’ve placed more hooks with more bags to keep the boys’ sporting equipment.  My mom suggested we make bags coordinating with the sport.  Not a bad idea.  I’m working on a system with the car, but I have figured I’ll need to stock it so that kids can do homework on the road if need be.  I hope this makes my life easier come two months into the school year.

Now to tackle my office.  It is my work space after all.

And yes, I feel like a nerd.



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