Why Studying History is Taking so Long: In Search Terms

So I haven’t taken a history class since high school.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t study history along the way like in literature and religion classes and really cool books.  Even with the weakness of not taking classes for a while, I think I would make an awesome history teacher.  Because I’m fascinated by it.

Behold my search terms while studying this week:

Spartan women (who are badass)

How to defeat a war elephant

Who invented the arch?

What did the original Aryans look like?


The Zodiac Killer (I had to brush up on some facts.)

Mass killings in ancient China

Mass killings in China in 500 bc

Why were there mass executions of men, women, and children in Confucius’s time? (I’m still not sure.  Kinda pissed off about it)

Human sacrifices in Ancient China

Human sacrifices

Children sacrifices

People suck


Words said in a knight dubbing ceremony (Though it’s been since I was 8, I was right!)

Marie Antoinette

Compare Buddhism and Hinduism and Confucianism.

What idiot came up with Legalism?

Famous women

First African American pilot

women suffragettes

First Boy Scout Troop

(Ok, the last three were for Cub Scouts, but you get the idea.)






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