Recap 8/23

1. Tornado A started school.  It is “awesome.”  I’m so happy-proud-depressed.

2. Tornado S got stung by a bee.  Poor guy.  Two days later his face is still swollen.

3. Tornado E can’t seem to understand that he needs to just buckle down and do his homework.  His homework doesn’t need to take two hours.  I want to scream.

4. I’ve decided to help a friend out and watch her daughter a couple times a week.  The poor thing is a quiet only-child.  She repeats several times a visit, “They’re crazy.”  Yes, sweetheart, the boys are.  It’s because of their mama.

5. I ran my first den meeting for Tornado E’s den.  The pack leader was totally impressed.  Now to keep the parents from jumping in and doing every little thing for their boys.  I want to scream.

6. The other night I put to bed a baby phoenix, a baby nine-nine dragon, and a baby.  It was unbelievably cute.

7. I love history!  Now if only I could focus on the subject matter at- Hold on, I’ve got to find the answer to this question in my head.

8. The ex is taking the boys to a professional game out of the city.  They will be gone for several hours.  I’m trying not to have a panic attack.  With some success.

9. Lots of awesome conversations this week, including Tornado E’s teacher from last year, who sought me out.  I’m special!

10. So I’ve been whispering “I’m the phoenix” as I deal with the crazy sh*t thrown my way.  But I’ve notice I’ve also surrounded myself with butterflies more and more.  Much like the phoenix with rebirth but also “No one ever suspects the butterfly.”

Recap of the 5. Eating fruits and vegetables and exercising are the only things I’ve done with consistency.  Randomly doing everything else like writing, creating, and reading blogs.


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