Recap 9/6

1. It appears that school, housework, parenting, and life have taken over my writing time.  I don’t think this is a good development.  Somehow I’ve added more things to my plate.

2. I made a battle map!  With dragons!  It’s awesome!  Except when Tornado E asks what “that big, scary dragon” means.  Um, divorce is scary?

3. Tornado A is insisting on using the toilet because his brothers use it.  He’s insisting that public restrooms are too scary.

4. Somewhere along the line, my 8yr old became a teenager.  Jesus, that attitude sucks.

5. So I decided to watch a little girl for my friend twice a week.  Because my friend needs help.  Because my boys love hanging out with girls.  Because this little girl could use a place that allows her to be a kid.  Because I’m hoping her quiet nature calms the boys a little bit.  Because what’s one more kid in the mix.  I wasn’t going to be able to study anyways.

6. So I decided to be a den leader for Tornado E’s pack.  Because I was going to be there any ways.  Because I’m good with kids.  Because it’s fun.  And I’m awesome at it.  Of course, I didn’t realize I needed training and should go to all the events.

7. Tornado S is working hard on his fine motor skills and reading skills.  He’s doing awesome.

8. I need a body punching bag.  For the boys.  And me.  Mainly for me.

9. This post was interrupted by a phone call and a trip to pick up the older boys.  Half-way to the school, a thunderstorm burst open.  Tornado A  and I laughed and screamed as we ran through buckets of pouring rain to get the boys from their classroom.  Built to survive the unusual.

10. I fell in love with some boots.  Unlike the blue hologram Dr. Martens (which are my soul mates and I should own them.)  These Dr. Martens are more subtle.  They’re black with little dark flowers.  1460 Little Flowers.  But I should be good and get Dr. Martens 1460 Mono black.  Because they would go better with stuff.  Sigh.

As for the 5: I’ve been exercising and eating fruits and veggies.  And I made the map.  But writing and reading blogs just hasn’t happen, and I need to fix that.


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