What I Need Most

Lately I haven’t been very good with keeping in touch with friends.  Especially in the last few months.  I don’t follow my blog-friends like I should.  I haven’t made a point to get my friends out for a girl’s-night-out.  I haven’t called and texted some friends.  I rarely send out emails.  It’s all so pathetic.  But I’m overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do, and it sounds like such a lame excuse.  And as I start more intense battles, I know I need this people.  Not just need, want.  I miss them.

I miss them.  I miss being with them or hearing from them.  I miss knowing their lives.  I miss being a part of their lives.  I miss them.

And yet, the universe is shoving them back into my life.

Like the mom of a friend of Tornado S’s when he was in pre-kindergarten.  She had a boy Tornado E’s age and a boy Tornado A’s age.  And I loved her.  And I saw her.  Last week.  At the preschool.

Our eyes lit up, and she hung up her cell phone.

Me and her: HEY!

And then we hugged.

Friend: I need another hug.  I missed you!

Me: I missed you too!


Friend: You disappeared.  And you were my friend.

Me: Life.

Friend: I know.  I almost started stalking you.  I know where you live.

Me: I would look at your name in my phone and think God, that would be too weird to call her now after all these months.

Friend: Shut up!  You have my number!  I should’ve stalked you!

She hugged me again.  Tight.

Friend: Call me.  Don’t leave again.

Me: Ok.

Or take this last weekend when I saw my Favorite Freshman (from high school) in God-I-don’t-remember-years!

After hours of talking….

FF: Don’t walk out of my life again.  I won’t let you.

Me: Ok.

With moments like these, I’m reminded what awesome people I know, and I’m going to work harder to keep them in my life.

Granted, I could really use that 36 hour day.


3 Responses to “What I Need Most”

  1. dearanonymousfriend Says:

    I have done this recently. Like for the past four months… just avoided any living, breathing person who is not a blogger. Blogging is safe, I don’t get looked into the eyes and asked how I am… so the tears don’t fall so easily, like when people ask me how I am doing. I so get this post, ease back into it and you will know just how many people have missed you… DAF

  2. unicorn Says:

    I miss you Fae!!! And it’s not pathetic, you are busy up to your ears and then some. You don’t have to work harder to keep people in your life… we aren’t going anywhere. You are loved. 🙂

  3. Elastamom Says:

    The universe always knows what you need! That must make you feel so special…that two friends missed you so much!!

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