Applied Science

One afternoon, when we got into the car to go home from school, Tornado E asked about the atomic bomb.  The car is the place for all our interesting conversations.  I explained how the bomb worked and how it was dropped on cities in Japan to end World War II.  I told the boys how damaging nuclear weapons were and how we should never use them.

The next day at Cub Scouts the boys were working on an environmental section.  The pack leader and the boys discussed the importance of protecting the environment and what harms the environment.  Then she asked the boys to come up with ways to protect the environment.

Tornado S waved his hand and jumped around with the excitement of any first grader who knows the answer.

The pack leader called on Tornado S.

Tornado S: Don’t drop bombs!  It hurts the Earth!

The pack leader smiled and looked at me.  In fact, all the parents looked at me.

Tornado S: They dropped a bomb in Japan, and it hurt the environment.  We shouldn’t do that again.

The pack leader and the rest of the parents looked at Tornado S, then at me, then at Tornado S, and then at me.

The pack leader: Good!  Good, Tornado S!

I just smiled back at the dumbfounded parents.

That’s my boy!


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