Just a Quick Stop

Don’t mind me.  I’m just dropping in on my own blog.  I’m buried.  I’m behind in school already and on my own laundry.  But the boys’ laundry is done.  Woo.  The younger boys trashed the house while Tornado E and I worked on his speech.  (“Why didn’t you tell me you had a speech due today?”  “I didn’t know!”  “You’re teacher told you.  It was in your planner.”  “I thought daddy would see it!”  “He forgets to check your planner.  You should’ve told him.”  Err.)

Oh, and I’m planning on changing the boys’ names to anonymous nicknames.  Not because of the divorce and the lawyer.  (Everyone, say hi to the poor paralegal who has to read all this)  But because I’ll be working with teenagers, and they’re smart and tech-savvy, and while I don’t think I’ve written anything offensive and never plan to, they just don’t need to know this much of my personal life.  Granted, I don’t really think any students would look for my blog.  What would they care?  I’m planning on being a nerdy, uncool high school teacher.

So I have to catch up on my reading and note taking as well as my papers and projects.  I have to clean the house and do laundry and bake breakfast.  I have to clean my car for field trips and pack lunch.  I have to finish cleaning a kitchen.  Most of this needs to be done tonight.  And beyond I’ll have chores and parenting, paying bills and doing schoolwork, prepping a yard sale and changing names on the blog, keeping in contact with friends, writing, researching, reading, and crafting to keep balanced.  And isn’t Christmas coming?  Damn.  I better get to work.


One Response to “Just a Quick Stop”

  1. unicorn Says:

    You are already a nerdy uncool blogger mom chick! Shouldn’t be much different to the teenage lookie loos! Hell, they don’t read blogs, it’s so like 10 years ago, like when they were in, like, diapers. Like.

    *waves hi* to the poor paralegal. Check out the Penis Rules. [WHOOPS, just sparked some interest over here]

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