Just Catching Up

I know.  It’s been a while.  That last class was crazy.  A semester of work jammed into 5 weeks.  But actually 4 weeks because my professor didn’t want to do any grading the weekend before Christmas, which is fine, but that doesn’t mean you assign 3 large projects, 3 papers, 2 chapters, and a discussion for that weekend before the last weekend.  I nearly lost my mind when I learned I forgot to save a project.  I made it.  I haven’t looked at my grade though.  I’m a little scared.

Then Christmas happened, and it was a blur.  A wonderful blur.  I had the boys Christmas Eve, which I filled with crafts, treats, and prep work as well as a family party.  I missed the boys terribly for Christmas morning, but the ex was kind enough to let me pick them up 45 minutes early.  Of course, the boys had an amazing Christmas at their dad’s.  But it was awesome all over the place.

My Wally and her sis totally surprised the boys and I with bikes for the boys from “Santa.”  I teared up when Wally told me over the phone on Christmas in case I wanted to plan something exciting like a scavenger hunt.  Instead, my dad took the opportunity to reinforce the Santa myth, saying he heard slay bells and noise in the back carport.  He was trying to save Tornado S’s belief as he had told me he saw the ex’s girlfriend wrapping presents to him without a name tag.  (Who wraps Santa presents when children are up and running around the house?  Honestly.)  The boys were thrilled with the gifts and spending time with their uncles and aunt.

At my house, they found more gifts from Santa.  Including the Easy-bake oven they wanted.  As well as a large wrapped box.  Which is like so weird because Santa never wraps presents at my house.  The boys tore into it to find… a large printer box.  So sad.  Until I mentioned they should open the box.  They tore the box open.  To find another wrapped present at the bottom.  They tore that open to find Skylanders: SwapForce.  (Because how awesome is my friend to pick one up for me on a pre-Black Friday deal?)  The boys were excited and confused because they got one at their dad’s house.  But I hypothesized that Santa thought they could have one at both houses.  And that was acceptable.  And it was a good day.

The house has yet to recover from Christmas.  I have a few weeks to study history before going back to class.  I’m still trying to find a good time to write on the blog.  With the older boys awake all day, I’m on duty all day.  We read together during nap time and then build Legos or work on Cub Scout stuff.  The night is for bedtime battles, cleaning, and … ok … I’ve been sleeping more.  It’s weird.  But since the boys are waking me up throughout the night, I’m exhausted even when I do get more than 5 hours.  But more on that at a later post.  I’m off to clean, and with a little luck, I’ll be back to read some blogs.

Oh, right.  Lunches.  School starts tomorrow.  Damn.


One Response to “Just Catching Up”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Glad you’re back and you survived the season!

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