Questions and Answers

“All knowledge is worth having.” – Jacqueline Carey

I’ve always been an intensely curious person.  Even as a child, I wanted to know things.  In first grade, I deciphered a book on knights, just so I could know the words to dubbing knighthood.  From knights to sharks to whales to Civil War battles and movements to medieval weapons to Queen Victoria to…..  I collect knowledge like a dragon collects treasure.  My head is filled with fun facts.

So when the “Why Stage” happened for each boy, I took each question seriously.  What I didn’t know, I looked up.  I praised them for their curiosity, explained that we should always look up what we don’t know, and encouraged my questions.  To my dismay, the “Why Stage” didn’t last long.

Of course, the boys still ask questions.  The older boys tend to ask a lot of questions in the car, especially on our way home from school.  “Why is the sky blue?”  “What is an atomic bomb?”  “Why is ‘shut up’ a bad word?”  “Why do ninjas use nunchucks?”  “Why do you always make that noise when someone is talking about the pilgrims?”  “Why do I have to go to time out?”  “Can I play video games before homework?”

I always answer the questions to best of my ability.  Except the last question, that’s always a “no.”  Sometimes I break into a lecture.

Tornado E: Why do we need gas?

Me: Well-

Tornado E: NEVERMIND!  I don’t want to know!

Ok, maybe I lecture most of the time.



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