A Baby Dragon

A couple of weeks ago we had handymen at our house finally fixing the leaks in the roof.  Tornado A is obsessed with all things tools.  Also all things baking and cooking.  But when someone pulls out a tool, Tornado A is right there to watch.  Same goes with the mixer or rattling of pots and pans.  While he is easily included in cooking, baking, and family repair projects, I have to keep him from underfoot when its professionals.  Luckily the kid is cute, and most handymen love children.

These men were no different.  When they caught Tornado A watching them, one of the men struck up a conversation with Tornado A.

Handyman: What’s your name?

Tornado A: Tornado A!

Handyman: Do you go to school?

Tornado A: Yes!

Handyman: Do you like it?

Tornado A: Yes!  It’s where my friends are!  What’s that?

Handyman: Oh, that’s a scraper.  We have to scrape off the plaster first.

Tornado A: Oh!  And what’s that?

Handyman: That’s to put plaster on.

Tornado A: Oh!

Handyman: Do you want to be a construction worker when you grow up?

Tornado A: No!  I grow up to be a baby dragon!

The handyman looked at me.  I smiled.  What can I say, he’s my kid.


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