The Dragon Castle

Tornado S got a castle and dragon Lego set for Christmas.  It’s pretty cool with good knights, an evil knight, an evil wizard, a princess, and a red dragon.  The castle was slightly too complicated for Tornado S, so we worked on it together.  I took pictures of it as soon as it was done, so I can admire my hard work for years to come.

Then one thing or another happened, and Tornado S declared he didn’t want the set any more.  Something like sour grapes or what not.  Are you kidding me?  Do you know how long it took us to build that?  Do you not understand how awesome it is?  Do you not get how much your uncles and I would’ve given for that when we were kids?

Tornado S: I’m going to destroy it.

Me: No!  I’ll take it.

Tornado S: Fine.  It’s yours.

Me: YEA!  Ok, so the princess was kidnapped by the evil wizard because he wants to blackmail her father.  But what the wizard doesn’t know is the princess has a dragon who is coming to rescue her along with her brothers.  And-

Tornado S: NO!  It’s an evil dragon!

Me: It’s my set.  It’s my story.  So the dragon attacks the castle, and the evil wizard is fighting him with magic.  Meanwhile, the princes engage battle with the evil knight after battling through a field of zombies.  The princess is fit to be tied because she’s trapped without her weapons.

Tornado S: That’s not how it goes!

Tornado E: And then the dragon breaks through the wall!

Me: And the princess calls for him to breathe fire on the lock to melt it!

Tornado E: The princess is free!  She jumps on her dragon!

Tornado S: NO!  The bad guy wins!

Me: They fly away to help her brothers defeat the evil knight and his army!

Tornado E: But the wizard hits the dragon with a spell!

Me: But the princess finds magic herbs to cure the dragon!

Tornado S: That’s not how the story goes!

Me: It’s my toy.

Tornado S: No!  It’s mine!  I want to play with it!

Me: (Shrugging) Fine.

Tornado E: But Mommy!  We were playing!

Me: You can play with your brother.  (pause) Or we have several Imaginatrix castles to play with!

Also I want female warriors in our Legos and Imaginatrix toys.


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