I interupt these posts on vacation to write one about today.

We were in line at the grocery store. The boys barely above whirlwind status, not quite tornadoes. But enough to monitor closely. They helped me put a few items on the belt and then questioned my resolve on gum. No. No. No. No. Still no.

An elderly lady stood behind us, and I was careful to keep the boys from jostling her. I worried the boys would annoy her.

Lady: You’re going to have your hands full if your boys turn out as beautiful as you.

Me: Um, uh, thank you.

The boys smiled at her and went back to messing with each other.

As we left the store, Tornado E asked me what the lady had said. I repeated it.

Tornado E: I’m not going to be as beautiful as you. I’m going to be more beautiful.

Kid, that confidence is going to serve you well.

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