Oh no, Mama!

As I do on a work day, I got up a little before 6. I talked with Tornado A. I did my gratitude list and worked on the manuscript. I got in the shower, and then I got dressed in a skirt, shirt, and boots. I gave the boys morning hugs and kisses before I packed my lunch and ate breakfast. I settled a squabble and sent the boys to pick up a few toys. I went to brush my teeth.

Tornado S: Mama- (He looked me up and down. His eyes got big. His lips quivered.) MAMA! You’re going to work!

He crushed me in a hug, burying his face in my chest, trying not to cry.

Me: Oh, sweetheart! It’ll be ok. I’ll be home early. I promise.

So began my first day back from summer break.


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