Worry Doll

Lately I’ve been having nightmares every night about my failure as a parent. Stupid things. But obviously my sub-conscious wants me to work something out.

This morning I told my dad my latest nightmare. He shook his head with a grin because it wasn’t much of a nightmare.

Tornado A: Mama, are you worried?

Me: Yes, baby.

Tornado A: About what?

Me: About you boys and being a good mother.

Tornado A gave me a solemn nod and ran off.

Later as I finished getting dressed, Tornado A sat on my bed.

Tornado A: Mama, make sure you sleep on this pillow.

He pulled it back to show me the tiny worry doll from his set that I got him months ago from the Grand Canyon.

I gave him a hug and kiss.

Me: Thank you, baby.


2 Responses to “Worry Doll”

  1. Guillermo Corona Says:

    I remember about three or so years ago. I was going through a particularly rough patch in my life. My ex and I split not too long after our son was born. Amicable and all. But things got worse after. Fell into a sort of depression. And that was beginning to interfere with fatherhood. My son spent week nights with me, so he slept on my bed (this is before I got one of his own). I guess I didn’t hide it too well. Or maybe kids are too in tune with adult emotions. Who knows. I just remember waking up a few nights later because my pillow felt extra lumpy. I looked under it, but nothing. Inside the pillow case, though, was a stuff fox. His favorite at the time. Not sure what was going through his mind, or if it was accidental. But it sure as hell helped me.

  2. faemom Says:

    I think children are empathetic than we give them credit for, and they view the world differently than we do. If the fox helped him, surely it will help you too.

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