236 Things . . .

No, just kidding.  Why would I torture you?  So I’ve always wanted to do one of those one hundred things list, and I didn’t do one when I did my hundredth post.  But it looks fun.  And it’s easier than phoning it in because I really need to call a bunch of places, and I have to cut out hearts for Valentine projects, and I have to call my parents because I didn’t yesterday and they may assume the worse.  Ok, my mom would assume the worse, and my dad will say I was busy.  Parents.  So here it goes.


  1. I lettered nine times in high school.
  2. Three times in swimming.
  3. Three times in drama.
  4. Three times in academics.
  5. My husband thinks that was too easy.
  6. He was a football player in high school.
  7. One year, JV
  8. I think he’s jealous.
  9. Yes, I do have a letterman jacket.
  10. I wore it with pride.
  11. Yes, I can swim circles around my husband.
  12. I was a breaststroker.
  13. I am impressed with Michael Phelps.
  14. Or any one who can do the butterfly well.
  15. I hate the butterfly stroke.
  16. I feel like I’m going to drown.
  17. I was a drama nerd.
  18. I owned the shop.
  19. I was a tyrant.
  20. I was nicknamed “tyrant” in college.
  21. In a creative writing class.
  22. Yes, it’s a funny story.
  23. Yes, maybe I will post that one day.
  24. I’m also addicted to sugar.
  25. In college, I did sugar shots.
  26. Yes, I realize that was unhealthy and crazy.
  27. I was straight edge.
  28. Well, except the sex thing.
  29. Now we know my mom will read this.
  30. She prefers to remain in the dark.
  31. I promise you I’ve had fewer partners than my brother, Mom.
  32. That just disturbed her.
  33. That’ll teach her for reading my blog.
  34. Or any one else.
  35. I had a kiddie pool in my dorm room.
  36. With water.
  37. I wanted it to break.
  38. So that they would have to publish “no kiddie pools” in the dorm rules.
  39. And freshmen would be like “Who the hell would do that?”
  40. I seek shallow immortality.
  41. I hung a dog collar with a bell on the statue of the school mascot.
  42. It was a panther.
  43. I instructed all freshmen to call it the Kitty.
  44. Hey, it’s better than the Pussy.
  45. Yes, my best friend and I debated that for hours.
  46. I stole signs with my best friend.
  47. Including the Republican Headquarters 3 by 6 Bush Cheney 2000 sign.
  48. We didn’t own a car.
  49. We had to run it the several blocks back to our dorm room.
  50. We didn’t get caught.
  51. We did get caught dying the fountain with red Kool-Aid
  52. And put on probation for the semester.
  53. We were both honor students.
  54. And active in our separate church organizations.
  55. They didn’t catch us the other times we messed with the fountain.
  56. Or when we made all the exit signs of the parking structure blink.
  57. Didn’t I mention I was straight-edge without a car in college?
  58. Ok, this is harder than I thought.
  59. I was named after a heroine in a romance novel my mom was reading when she was pregnant.
  60. She doesn’t remember the name of the book.
  61. The rest of my family was convinced I would be a boy.
  62. I’m descended from a long line of eldest boys.
  63. My mom was sure I was a girl.
  64. She refused to pick out a boy name.
  65. My dad insists he would have named me Ebenezer.
  66. I’m glad I’m a girl.
  67. I was a girly girl.
  68. Until second grade.
  69. I decided I wanted to play softball.
  70. My parents couldn’t believe it.
  71. It was downhill from there.
  72. I’ve played basketball and volleyball too.
  73. I’m really not that great of an athlete.
  74. I’m a daydreamer.
  75. I “wrote” my first story at 4.
  76. It was twenty pages of scribbles with the occasional picture.
  77. I had an imaginary best friend.
  78. I had her longer than is healthy.
  79. I had a whole imaginary world.
  80. Have you ever scene Heavenly Creatures?
  81. I wasn’t that crazy.
  82. Well, I did think I was an anime cartoon for a summer.
  83. In high school.
  84. Yes, I have been to a shrink.
  85. Why do you ask?
  86. Seriously, I was suicidal my senior year in high school.
  87. I got counseling.
  88. What helped the most was having my schedule shaken for two weeks.
  89. I don’t know why it worked.
  90. My mom refuses to acknowledge that I was suicidal.
  91. I went to a counselor in college too.
  92. That helped a lot.
  93. Let’s not end this on a downer.
  94. I have a library of over two hundred books and growing.
  95. I have no nicknames that I like.
  96. I don’t have any tattoos yet.
  97. I’m planning one after my last kid.
  98. I should have pierced my belly button before kids.
  99. I always wanted to dye my hair bright blue.
  100. I plan to do that when I turn 65.