Comebacks and names

I know.  I know.  Everyone is busy with the holidays.  My stats have plummeted, which is my fault for appealing to moms who are obviously busy right now.  Though I could post another post on crafts, I think I might start getting hate mail, so I’ll save it.

I have a favor to ask you all.  As I mentioned before I’m going to have to deal with my large family learning my third child is a boy and some of you came up with some great comebacks (you know who you are AND you rock).  But I’m working on a preemptive comeback.  So when I say I’m having another boy  . . . .  I’ve been telling people that I always wanted my own Boy Scout troop, but that sounds pretty lame.  So if anyone has some creative juices left over, I could use some. 

Oh, yeah.  I got my I’m-so-sorry look from someone after I told her I was having another boy.  Really?

I’ll try to keep the posts short this week, since we’re all running around.  Godspeed and Good luck.