When things are perfect

We sat on the bed, playing “Pocket Frogs.”  I knew the moment I found the game, it would hook her.  As we separately bounced frogs on our phones, nibbling on plain sugar cookies (“You know what would go great with these.  Frosting.”  “You can always lick it and stick some of the colored sugar on it. Oh wait, there’s not enough.”  I stuck my tongue out at her.), life felt perfect.  Like all those hours of thumbing through cook books, looking for new delicious recipes to try.  Like all those hours of collages, watching movies, listening to music.  Like all those hours of playing “Mario Go-Kart” or “Lego Star Wars.”

Wally: (Not looking up from her phone) It was really cute to watch you today.  Talking.  And you.  You were like what I remember you from college.  Confident, glowing, laughing, with that mischievous smile and laugh.  This is good for you.  You deserve this.

Funny that I can tell which pronouns are plural and which aren’t.  That I can follow her pronouns to the names, to the undercurrents of what hadn’t been said, what had already been said.

Me: (a smile I hadn’t been able to remove since an hour after I landed on Friday)  It’s been a perfect weekend.  Amazing.  Thanks for being so accommodating.

Wally: (Snorts.) Like I wouldn’t understand.  I’m glad it worked out.  Though My Sister is dying for details.

Me: Speaking of details.  What did you say to The Violinist?

Wally: (looking at me with a smile) You should call her.  I gave her a few details.  I told her this was a good thing.

Me: I will.  I’m glad I got to see her.

Then I remembered something from earlier that day.  I started giggling.

Wally: What?

Me: I pulled a prank.  And he didn’t even notice.

The rest of my words were swallowed by giggles.  She waited until I calmed down so I would explain.  Then I went into some silly monologue that as my best friend she had to endure.  Not that I think she minded, we had already discussed her opinion and thoughts at length.

It was a perfect weekend.

Thank you notes

This last weekend we attended our very first, non-family member birthday party.  It was for Tornado E’s bestest friend, KJ.  Since we had issues last week, I decided to stay, rather than drop and go, but all the moms stayed.  It was nice to keep an eye on the kids and talk.

Before Christmas, KJ’s mom confided in me that all KJ wanted was a dinosaur.  When I received the invitation, I asked the mom if KJ got her dinosaur.  No.  So after several stores (Last year there were walking, roaring dinosaurs EVERYWHERE), I secured a dinosaur.

Tornado E was on his best behavior and talked all the way to the party about what he would say to KJ and what they would do.  Apparently, to quiet a group of kids, all you need to do is feed them cake and ice cream, and the whole group goes silent.  It was a little awe-inspiring, sort of like the Grand Canyon.

The next day I received an email from the mom, telling me how KJ LOVED her toy, wouldn’t put it down, had to sleep with it, had to take it to church.  Yeah, I rock.  On Monday, Tornado E received his thank you note.  (Which reminds me, put Christmas thank you notes into the mail.)  As we drove to my parents’ house, Tornado E opened the card and began to read.

Tornado E: Thank you, Tornado E, for the great gift.  I loved it very very very very very much.  We should play with it.  Thank you.  Your best pal, KJ.

Me: Good reading, Tornado E.

Tornado E: Thank you.  I told you I could read.  Now I get to go to college tomorrow.

Um.  Not so fast.  You have to actually read the words on the page accurately.

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My Best Friend

I have the best friend ever

Because she’ll pick me up and drop me off the airport whenever.

Because she’ll totally bug me to buy plane tickets until I do.

Because she’ll let me crash at her place and then feel bad because it’s a mess (as though she hasn’t been messy from the moment I met her).

Because she feels bad her car is a mess when I arrive (as though she ever had a clean car all the time I’ve known her).

Because she’ll feel bad that she invited her friend I don’t know and expect me to be upset (which I wasn’t).

Because she’s always ready for a sushi dinner.

Because she’s crazy into Twilight and New Moon like me.

Because she understands my obsession with books.

Because she took it as her fault that I had digestive issues on my full day of vacation.

Because she felt horrible sending me on errands for her as she worked.

Because she insisted I nap, giving me her office key and the key to a private bathroom.

Because she was willing to watch New Moon twice.

Because she was totally cool going with a mutual friend and another girl she never met before.

Because she made me tea.

Because she felt horrible she missed my birthday months ago.

Because she took me out to breakfast.

Because she took me shopping at the bookstore.

Because she encouraged and insisted I get a planner so I can achieve my dream of being more organized.

Because when we arrived late at the airport and I nearly missed my plane, she wanted take full responsibility for it.

Because she’s totally cool with me crying, whining, ranting, complaining when I need to.

Because she knows me and will call me out on my sh*t.

Because she’s the coolest girl in the world.