Give me a blog roll, please


Holey Cheese!  It’s been a week of Bad Mommy Moments and just waiting for Naptime Writing, going to Inkatopia because I’m Wild for Words, reading my Red Clay Diaries.  But I’m realizing that I’m not Lost in Suburban Bliss and The World According to Me is not real.  It’s according to Evan or Sean.  No, sir, I’m Not Drowning, Mothering is what I call it.  This is Parenting by Dummies.  Oh, EvenshineI’m In The Mommy Trenches, trying to be another Incognito Mom in The Momoplex, but I cry over Spilled Milk and burn my Polymer Clay Snails.  Country-Fried Mama f-.  Maybe I should start Praying to Darwin because I’m a Mediocre Perfectionist, though do I not live in Single Mom World.  Thank Darwin for that.  Then again I hear that Kaiya’s Laughter Heals, so maybe I should start praying to Kaiya.  Commonterri! I really need to get back to A Mother’s Walk.  *!




This is a continual work in progress.  Because I can’t think of where I can put some of my favorites.  Looking at you, The Fem Spot.

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