A Meme for Ink

I’m doing this for Ink over at Inkatopia.  For some reason, she loves memes, and I’m getting into her good graces, so that she will post a journal entry.  So if you want to play, be my guest.  Just let us know so we can read your responses.

  1. How did you come up with your blog title OR what does it mean?

I like faeries, I’m a little weird, and I’m a mom.  I wrote a whole post explaining it to my brother. (https://faemom.wordpress.com/2008/10/02/for-my-brother/)

  1. What are your general goals for blogging?

I like to entertain people.  I like to stretch my creative and intelligent muscles.  This really keeps me from going crazy.

  1. Do people “in your real life” know that you blog and do they comment on your blog OR is it largely anonymous?

A few people know.  Rarely do they comment.  My mom and my husband take great pride in telling people I blog, like being at home with the kids isn’t enough.  Sheesh.  But I am anonymous for my husband’s sanity.

  1. How often do you post (x per week)?

I try to post every day, like a mental exercise, like when I used to journal or write.

  1. How often do you read other blogs (x per week)?

I read every day, excluding the days my husband has taken over the computer and I curl up in a ball going through withdrawals.  I have to set an amount time or I would spend all day reading and let the boys play with matches.

  1. How do you select blogs to read (do you prefer blogs that focus on certain topics or do you choose by tone or…?)

I mainly read Mommy Blogs because there are so many hilarious moms out there.  But I do read a really great religious blog and a really cool feminist blog.

  1. Do you have any plans to copy your blog entries in any other format, 0r do you think that one day, you’ll just delete it all?

I really should copy them because I don’t know how long I would cry and wear a black armband if I lost all of these posts.

  1. What are the things you like best about blogging?

It gives me a creative writing outlet that I can do quicker than writing a story.  (Ever try to write a story when you’re watching kids?  Don’t.)

  1. What are the things you don’t like about blogging?

I wonder if I could be devoting my time to “real” writing.

  1. How do you handle comments?  Some bloggers never respond to commenters, others answer all commenters, and still others pick and choose.  (1) As a blogger, which is your practice and why? 

I try to comment back on everyone’s comments because I think blogging is a create place to create a dialogue.

 (2) As a commenter, do you care/check back to see if the blogger has responded to you?

Sometimes when it’s easy.  I should do it more often because I love the dialogue.

(3) If you are a reader but never comment, why (this last question may not work since…um…you don’t comment, but maybe you could make an exception)?

  1. Optional: add your own topic here: any burning thoughts to share on blog etiquette? desired blog features? blog addiction?  blog vs. facebook?

I think it’s easy to be pigeon-holed into a subject, just because you don’t want to offend your fans with something edgy.  And I have serious blog-addiction.  I have to write or I think I would let my fans down, and I have to read because there are just so many damn awesome blogs out there.  As for facebook, that is now the place where I keep my CA friends updated on the boys.


Reasons why . . .

There’s a reason I didn’t write.


I could have written in the morning but . . .

        I took the boys to church ALONE

        And then my parents watched them

        While I went and saw Charles de Lint speak.


I could have written in the afternoon because . . .

        I was all fired up about writing

        And I wasn’t hungry for lunch

        And the boys were at my parents’.


I could have written in the afternoon but . . .

        I was so tired so I took a fifteen minute nap

        Which turned into an hour and a half nap

        And I still had my parents’ car.

        And my dad gets antsy on Sunday afternoons.


I could have written in the evening but . . .

        I was at my parents’ house

        And my mom wanted to play Mario Go-Kart Wii

        And then we had dinner at my grandma’s

        And then my boys played with their cousin.


And now it is night.