Meet Gooey

Back before Easter, as I scoured the Internet for craft ideas, I fell in love with Family Fun’s plastic egg animals.  They were super adorable.  Since I was working with lots of plastic eggs, I thought they would be great. 

Alas, they did not make the cut for my blog because you needed to hot glue everything, no other glue worked, and as I try to make the crafts friendly for all ages, hot glue, preschoolers, and toddlers do not mix.  (Surprised?  I was.  I mean the boys just LOVE guns.)  Rather than pick a mouse, a dog, a cat or any animal the website had, Evan picked a tiger.  So he drew on the lines; while, I cut and glued.  It turned out pretty cute.  (No picture of the mouse and tiger because Sean loved pulling things off than putting them on.)  (Also, I think I can come up with more animals and do it through the year.)

Me: Great tiger, Evan.  It was a great idea.

Evan: Mommy!  I want to make Gooey!

Me: You what?

Evan: I want to make Gooey!

Ok, kid.  Let me think.  I let him pick the egg.  Blue.  I turned it so the thin end pointed down (or the bottom of the egg as my grandma calls it).  I glued four pom poms to the “bottom.”  Then Evan picked only one eye.  And there you have it, folks.  Gooey.  The twin brother of B.O.B.

Gooey and BOB

Gooey and BOB

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The Return of Gooey

It has been a while since Gooey has slithered around the house.  But he has returned, following Evan around, watching TV, sitting on my lap.  A day or two ago, my husband watched Evan and Sean play as we sat at the kitchen table.


My husband: You know where the inspiration for Gooey came from, right?


Me: I have an idea.


My husband: (beaming with pride) The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.  It was Little Cat Z.


Me: Really?  (Not the idea I had.)


My husband: Because you can’t see Little Cat Z because he’s too little.  Gooey’s too little to see.


Me: You never had an imaginary best friend, did you?  Evan can see Gooey; we can’t see Gooey.  He’s a blue glob that reaches to about his waist.


My husband: (giving me the you’re-so-full-of-it look {he hardly knows the depths of how much a mom knows about her child.}) I don’t know.


Me: Evan, where’s Gooey?


Evan: (playing with the Lego police boat) He’s in here, driving the boat.


Me: Thank you.  (turning to my husband) So Gooey changes size.  But I think he got it from Monster vs Aliens.  He couldn’t get it from Little Cat Z because Gooey appeared before the book, and I didn’t connect it to the new monster movie because Gooey came so many months after we saw the preview before Kung Fu Panda in the theaters.  But isn’t it interesting that Gooey shows up again as Evan watches Kung Fu Panda every day and saw the trailer a couple of times.  Of course, I always assumed Gooey had two eyes.


My husband: Which one is suppose to be Gooey?


Me: The glob with Seth Rogan’s voice.


My husband: We’re going to have to go see that movie, aren’t we?



On the other hand, I have explained the reappearance to the rest of my family, who have run to assure me that this is normal and a sign of a creative and smart child.  Um, Dad, don’t you remember mine?  Becky: brunette, smart, outgoing, comforting when I was crying, stayed with me much longer than probably healthy?  Oh, well.  Don’t worry; I’m not.

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