Your Friendly Vaccine Side-effects Infomation Sheet

When my doctor (or technically the nurse) gives my child a vaccine, I get a full information sheet about the whys, the benefits, the reactions. I find that they leave out the most common side effects. I decided to compile them for further use for other mothers.

For the child:
• Crying (which will carry on for ten to twenty minutes with a brief pause and then carry on for another ten to twenty minutes. Depending on the age of the child this can go on for an hour or two.)
• Running (which will happen after the shot because the child has repressed the memories of the past vaccine.)
• Screaming (which is very close to quiet.)
• Demanding to go home (which is something for the older child)
• Hiding in the corner (which is adorable and pitiful at the same time)
• A need for hugs, kisses, words of comfort (which are easily given)
• Tantrums (over toys, food, naps, anything)
• More need of comfort (which is strained over the tantrums)
• Need for prizes, sugar, nap (which is negotiable)

For the parent:
• Tears (because the child is in pain, and later the child is a pain)
• Running (or a want to as the child is in pain and the memories of the pain and then the child is a pain.)
• Screaming (internal after the second tantrum)
• Needing to go home (to put the child down for a nap and then a need to go to a restaurant, bar, book store without the child)
• Hiding in the corner (instead of dealing with the next tantrum)
• A need for hugs, kisses, words of comfort (from the child or close understanding friend, except for the kisses)
• Tantrums (or the strong desire to throw them)
• More need for comfort (as the parent plans a fantasy trip far, far away)
• Need for prizes, sugar nap (which is negotiable)

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