Tornado E’s ABC’s

During naptime, my mom and I made petit fours for the bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law.  We left a few pieces of pound cake out for the boys, who were quite content to nibble on them with juice.  Until . . . .

Tornado E: Grandma!  Look!  What are these?!  (Notice he went for the easy sale.)

My mom: Those are petit fours.  They-

Tornado E: Grandma!  Can I have one?! Please?!

My mom: No, Tornado E.  They’re for Aunt K’s party tomorrow.

Tornado E: But I want one!  Please?!

My mom: We’ll try save you one for after the party.

Tornado E: How about I have one now and save the rest for the party?

My mom: (Counts the petit fours.  To me) There is one extra.  (Tornado E puts on his sweetest look. To me)  We have an extra yellow one.

Tornado E: Grandma!  I love the color yellow!  It’s my favorite!  It’s the color of fire!  (I’m quite sure his favorite color is red for the same reason.)

Grandma: (Handing Tornado E a yellow petit four) That’s the only one you get.

My boy knows and uses his ABC’s.  Always Be Closing.

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