A penis conversation


Tornado E: Mommy, my penis is sad.


Me: (As I struggle to get Evan’s underwear on)  Why is it sad?  (Where is this going?  He couldn’t have heard about a happy penis, right?)


Tornado E: My penis is not happy.


Me: (Deep breath) What would make your penis happy?  (I will kill anyone who makes this into a sexual situation or joke.)


Tornado E: My penis needs a drink of water.


Me: That’s interesting.


Tornado E: I need to go pee in the potty, and then my penis will drink water.


Me: Um, ok.  Do you need to go pee?


Tornado E: No.


Me: Ok, well now that you have underwear on, which shirt do you want to wear the dinosaur one or “I look like Mom, but I act like Dad” one.


Tornado E: Like Dad.


And so another interesting penis conversation ends.  It’s true.  They only think about their dicks.

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