Pool Adventures

Stupid thing didn’t post and I swear I checked it!

I wish I had more pictures.  I wish Vista didn’t hold our picture program hostage.  I wish I had my laptop fixed, so I could show you.  Tornado E has a great impression of a hammerhead shark.  Swimming.  In water.

He holds one leg and uses his other leg and arm to swim underwater three yards.  It’s hilarious.  It’s amazing.

Tornado E started out the summer refusing to put his head into the water.  He believed he would be just fine hand crawling along the pool wall.  He wouldn’t hold his breath underwater.  He screamed if you tried to make him jump off the wall to you.  And I couldn’t get him into the city swim lessons.

As I’ve said before, I taught him to swim.  We went to my parents’ house every day, and I worked with him.

Tornado E and Papi also have an imitation of a great white, where my dad spins Tornado E under the water and then throws him out into the air.  Yup, my family loves swimming tricks.

Last week Tornado E followed Uncle M’s example and leaped from the diving board!

My son jumped off the diving board into the deep end and swam to the side.  We just stood there, staring, until we remembered to clap and cheer.  My dad has forbidden the term “deep end” because he believes Tornado E doesn’t really understand how deep the pool.

To emulate his uncle more, Tornado E takes a running start and does a “cannon ball.”  He has yet to understand or have the ability to grab his legs to make a ball, but he kneels.  All this while he shouts “cannon ball” from the top of his lungs.

Not to be out done, Tornado S too has his own cannon ball.  He climbs out of the pool at the steps.  He runs around the whole pool.  Then he shouts “cannon ball.”  He turns around and slowly climbs back into the pool, landing on the top step.

We’re winding down pool season here, or at least, we’re considering putting on the cover.  It’s in the mid to high 90s here, but the night is getting down to the high 60s, making for one chilly pool.

Yesterday I had resigned myself to failing at teaching Tornado S ANY swim safety.  Ok, he does blow bubbles, but that’s it.  After an hour of convincing Tornado E to pick up the Lincoln Logs he spilled all over my parents’ family room, Tornado E ran out to finally join his brother and Papi in the pool.  I walked out to have my dad show me what he was working on with Tornado S.

Tornado S can now crawl along the wall.  Only left to right, but it’s still progress.  Next year he’ll be swimming.

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