Another Sign Your Child Watches TOO Much Disney Channel: or What do you want to be?

Evan: OOOOH, Tootles!  (For those who don’t know, this is the mechanical helper called when the characters of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse need an item to help solve a problem.  He magically appears, and I would like one.


Me: Oh! Tootles!


Evan: No!  No, Mommy!  Don’t say that!  You’re Tootles!  (Thanks for telling me, kid.)


Me: do-do-doo.  (I’m trying to mimic the Tootles’s song.)


Evan examined the rocking horse that he named after my parents’ dog.


Evan: Tootles, we need food for Athena!


I ran into the kitchen to get some toy food from Evan’s kitchen.  I grabbed a couple of carrots and a pear.  I ran back still trying to imitate that song.


Evan: Thank you, Tootles.  (He inspected the fruit.)  Tootles, we need a knife!  We need to cut the pear.


I ran back the toy kitchen and grabbed the wooden butcher knife.  I ran back to Evan and handed him the knife.


Evan: Thank you, Tootles.  (He cut the pear and half and fed it to Athena.)  Tootles, we need a friend for Athena!


I ran and grabbed a toy animal.  I hold out the rubber penguin for Evan’s inspection.


Evan: No, no, Tootles.  That’s Koo-Koo the Penguin!  We need a friend for Athena!


I ran back and grabbed another toy for Evan’s inspection.


Evan: Not Circle the Seahorse, Tootles!  We need a friend for Athena!


Ok, what the hell do you want?  What kind of friend does a horse need any ways?  I humored him long enough as I increased my step-count. 


Me: Ok, Evan, what kind of friend does Athena want?


Evan: Tootles doesn’t talk!  We need a friend for Tootles!


Sonofa-  I ran for the last toy I was planning to get.  I presented Evan with his black stick horse.


Evan: Larkin!  (The name of my brother’s dog.)  That’s a perfect friend for Athena.  Thank you, Tootles.

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A sign your child watches too much Disney Channel

Evan walked in the room holding a VCR tape and announced, “It’s Movie Time Monday!”


Movie Time Monday is what the call the movie usurping the pre-school shows on the Disney Channel on Monday mornings.