A doughnut morning

It was a beautiful day in Arizona, as I snuggled down in the bed realizing that six, six-thirty, and seven o’ clock in the morning had slipped away and my boys still slept.  Of course, all good things come to an end, but it was nice to stay in bed until 7:30, even if I would have liked another hour.  Besides my brother was already awake, waiting, like a good uncle, to play with the boys.


With a cooing and a laugh, I went into the room to find the boys awake, and on hearing my voice, my brother came in to steal all my morning hugs from the boys.  My brother grabbed Evan and hugged him.  Evan jumped back, yelling “Don’t hug me!  I’m dangerous!”  He went on to try and prove his point by attempting to hit my brother, who lazily slipped away from the attempts to hug Sean.  Sean quickly learned he could get a laugh if he fell on his bottom, bouncing on the bed.  It didn’t take long for Evan to climb up and try to steal the attention.


Then my dad entered the room, delighting the boys, and I became nothing more than a shadow in the room. 


Papi: Do you want doughnuts?


Evan: (with pacifier in his mouth.  I know I’m a bad mom.)  Yes!


Papi: (mumbling like he has something in his mouth) Do you want doughnuts?


Evan: (still with pacifier in his mouth) Papi, I can’t hear you!  (pause)  Oh, yes, I can hear you now.


Papi: Take the pacifier out of your mouth.  Do you want doughnuts?


Evan: (takes it out) Yes! (Puts it back in.  I yank the pacifier out of Evan’s mouth.)


Papi: Do you want doughnuts or pumpkin bread?


Evan: We have pumpkin bread at our house!  Do you want to go and get it?!


Papi:  We have pumpkin bread here.


Evan: (looks out the window) I can’t see my house!  It’s too far away!


Papi: Do you want doughnuts?


Evan: Yes!


Papi: Do you want sprinkles?


Evan: Yes!


Papi: Really?


Evan: Yes!


Papi: I’m going to go get them.


Evan: Boys are hungry.  Dogs are hungry.  We need to eat.  We need to eat doughnuts.


So begins the whirlwind day at Grandma and Papi’s house.  With non-stop playing, games, and treats, it is the best place to bed.  When my mom mentioned making caramel apples and popcorn balls, my brother and I looked at each, remembering that it had been years since my mom had made these things.  Even if we aren’t the reasons, it’s nice to get the spill over.  She has to make more than two, right?


Stories from the Dinner Table

Sean gets his food before everyone else because, according to him, I’m starving him.  Taking seconds on everything, Sean eats much more than Evan, though a parakeet eats more than Evan.  Sean still hasn’t reached 18 months yet, where the taste buds develop, so he eats everything cheerfully.  Because his brother eats with a fork, Sean must have a fork too.  So the other day, I handed Sean one of the plastic forks he had been using for weeks.  He looked at with clear disdain and then threw it on the floor.  Before the fork was even clattering on the floor, Sean was reaching for Evan’s fork, uh-ing and ah-ing over it.  (In baby language, I want that fork NOW!)  I pick up Sean’s fork and handed it back to him, which he threw done again, begging for Evan’s fork, who is miraculously eating.  I shrug go to the silverware drawer and take out one of the toddler forks.  I hand it to Sean.  Sean give’s me a look that says “Well, damn, woman, was it really that hard to get me a real fork?”  Then he proceeded to try to use it.  Until he gave up and held it as he ate with his other hand.


The other morning I snuck out and bought doughnuts.  As I looked over the sugary goodness in cased in glass, I spotted a cake doughnut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  A prefect doughnut for Evan.  I came home caring the pink box, which Evan recognized and shouted with glee.  After placing the boys in there seats, I handed Evan his doughnut.  He took one look and declared, “Papi got me this doughnut!  Just like Homer!”  I beamed with pride as I realized that he recognized sprinkle doughnuts from The Simpsons.  I really am a good mom.  Wait, did he say Papi?


For some reason, my sons LOVE edamame.  It’s one of the few vegetables Evan will eat.  They could eat handfuls of soy beans with every meal, which is why I buy the frozen package at Costco.  Evan is trying to master the ability to shoot out the bean from the husk.  He has marginal success.  Then one night as I served both edamame and green beans, Evan noticed that the green bean also shoots out tiny beans.  As you might tell, Evan was just experimenting with the green beans.   Upon noticing the little beans, Evan yelled, “Look!  Baby beans!  Daddy beans and baby beans!”  Daddy beans were the edamame.  While I tried to convince him of trying the baby beans, Evan would not indulge me with a taste test.


Yes, the House of Insanity has never a dull moment, even dinner time has its surprises.