A Candy Cane Dragon!

Evan is finally taking an interest in what he wants to wear.   His favorite is his Kung Fu Panda shirt as he calls it, or rather a shirt that says “Legend in the Making.”  (Something about the legend part makes him think of KFP.)  His newest favorite shirt is a shirt with red, grey, and white horizontal stripes with Winnie the Pooh on it.  Evan zeroed in on the strips, calling the shirt his “candy cane shirt.”


The other day Evan was wearing his “candy cane shirt,” and Sean was dressed in a blue shirt with an “M” on it for M&Ms.  I was wearing one of my many fairy shirts.  (Yeah, I wonder when I’ll be too old to wear those, too.)  As we were playing, Evan had an epiphany.



Evan: Mommy, I’m a candy cane dragon!  (looks over to Sean.)  Seanny is a M&M dragon!  (looks at me) Mommy!  You’re a sour gummy dragon!



As sour gummies are his treat for using the potty, I look at this as a good thing, not as a critic on my temperament.  Besides, we’re all candy dragons in the end. 


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My Blue Knight: or How to trick a naked preschooler into clothes

Me: (aggravated by the last ten minutes of trying to get a naked, bouncing preschooler to pick a shirt to wear) Do you want the blue shirt with the football or the green baseball shirt?  (Bouncing boy darts away and laughs)  Fine.  (Idea!) Do you want to be a blue knight or a green knight?


Evan: BLUE KNIGHT!!! (He brandishes his sword.) 


Me: Come here, then, blue knight.  (Swiftly, I pull the clothes onto Evan, who bounces away as soon as he is dressed.)


Evan: I’m the blue knight!  I’m a knight for horses!  I’m a knight for horses and princesses . . . and good dragons!  I fight bad dragons!  They taste like turkey!  I cut them, and I eat them!  Yum!!


Me: (with a laugh as I usher the boys into the bathroom) It’s time to brush our teeth and hair and wash our faces.


Evan: Seanny’s a dragon!  He’s a good dragon!  And I’m a knight!  We fight bad dragons! 


Me: (handing them their toothbrushes) Here, you go.


Evan: There is no sweeter taste on my tongue than victory!


Me: (For those who don’t know, that’s from Shrek the Third) What?


Evan: There is no sweeter taste on my tongue than victory!


That’s what I thought you said.  Brush your teeth.

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