Little Bo Tornado E Has Lost his Sheep

Tornado E: I’m a shepherd!  Where’s my sheep?


Tornado E was carrying a long plastic tube with Styrofoam covering.  It was meant to build a fort.  He is obviously using it as a shepherd’s crook as he looks for his sheep in the front yard.


Me: Where is your sheep?


Tornado E: I don’t know!


Me: Well, let’s look for them.  Are they out here?


Tornado E: (With his hand above his eyes scanning the horizon) No!  I don’t see them anywhere!


Me: (It’s freakin’ cold out here) Maybe they’re inside the house!


Tornado E: No!  That’s silly!


Me: (idea!) I bet there’s one in the nursery!


Tornado E: No!  Not in there!


Me: I’ll show you.  If it’s not there, I’ll give you a piece of candy!


Tornado E: (considers) Ok!


Me: Come on, Tornado S.  To the nursery!


Tornado E: Come on, Tornado S!  To the nursery!


I ran up the stairs and into the sky-painted nursery.  I dug through the stuff animals that I can’t give away because every single one is Tornado S’s very favorite cuddle animal.  I pulled out a lamb given to Tornado S for his baptism.  Ah-ha!  I ran back down the stairs, jumping over Tornado S on the second stair.


Me: I found it!  I found it!


Tornado E: That’s not my sheep!  That’s a toy sheep!




Tornado E: (looking into the family room where my best friend was taking a nap on the couch) Look, Mommy!  A sleeping tiger!  Shh!  Let’s go outside and look for my sheep!


Oh no, not the cold again!  Anything but the cold.


Me: Look, Tornado E, a sheep!


I bounce past Tornado E and landed in the family room on all fours “ba”ing. 


Tornado E: Mommy, you’re silly!  You’re not a sheep!  You’re Mommy!


Me: Ba!  Let’s play hide-and-go-seek!


Tornado E: Ok!  You count, Mommy!  I’ll hide upstairs in your bed!


Two sets of little feet pound up the stairs.



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