First steps

Yesterday Tornado E went to school for the first time.  He actually coordinated his outfit with a blue football shirt and a blue shorts.  I made him wear tennis shoes, instead of the boots, which need to be retired soon.  He carried his new Transformers backpack on his back.

Tornado S couldn’t go on without his own backpack, so he had a small Kung Fu Panda backpack.  He walked next to Tornado E.

Even with The Husband in tow, we arrived early, and I snapped pictures.

The children lined up to enter the room.  Tornado E found himself in the middle of the line.  One by one the kids entered the class as the teacher greeted them by name.  Tornado E allowed two kids to have cuts as he came near the door.  He stopped at the door.

Teacher: Hi, Tornado E.  How are you?

Tornado E: I’m a little scared.

My eyes welled with tears, which I kept in check because I knew if I cried Tornado S would too.

Teacher: That’s ok.  Everything will be just fine.  Come on in.

Tornado E took his first steps in without looking back.  The teacher’s assistant helped him off with his backpack and sent him to play.

I stood there not knowing when to leave or what to do now.  But a couple of minutes went by, and I didn’t hear a cry for Tornado E.  I called Tornado S, and we went home.  My first child is in pre-kindergarten.

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