What I miss

There are a few things I miss now that I’m a parent.  A day off.  A strike on chores.  A flat stomach.  Lesierly shopping.  But I mainly miss reading for hours on end. 

I loved taking an afternoon, curled up on a bed or sofa, reading a great book, devouring every page.  , Moving only when I needed a bathroom breakI would have drinks and snacks in easy reach.  Hell, sometimes I would even ignore the phone.

God, I envy people who can do that.

As my mom and I sat through story time, we learned that we too could enroll in a summer reading program like the boys.

Me: (whispering) We should do that.

Mom: (whispering) Maybe we could get a pencil and stickers too.

See, where I get my sarcasm?

Me: (whispering)  We would probably get discount coupons.

Mom: (whispering) Sure, why not?

I nodded.

Mom: (whispering) You know people get all impressed when someone says she read fifty books.  But I read.  What?  About a hundred.

Me: (whispering) At least.

Mom: (whispering) I go through a book in three days.

It’s a sad world when a girl envies her mother and glares at her mom’s back during preschool story time.