Where’s your hand?

Tornado S has decided he needs to put his hands in first when it comes to putting on his shirt.  Since I’m dressing him, I prefer to do it head first, but big brother Tornado E does it hands first, so too must Tornado S.

As we struggled with the shirt, Tornado S managed to get his right hand through first.  His left hand was still stuck in the shirt.

I began to tease him by saying, “Where’s your hand?  Where’s your hand?”

Tornado S pulled his right hand out of the shirt.  He reached through the left arm hole and pulled out his left hand.

“Here it IS!” he yelled with joy.

Hmmm.  I think I should just be quiet.

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Sunday Morning

Me: Come on, Evan, you have to get dressed.


Evan: I don’t want to get dressed!  I want to be naked!


Me: Don’t take off your underwear.  Everyone has to wear underwear.  Now put your arms in.


Evan: (putting the shirt on) I don’t want to get dressed!


Me: You have to.  Now sit down, so we can get your pants on.


Evan: (sitting down cross legged) I don’t want to wear pants!  I want to wear shorts!


Me: We’re going to church; you can’t wear shorts to church.


Evan: I don’t want to go to church!


Me: (As I slide the pants up his legs) We’re going to Wally’s (nickname for my best friend) church.


Evan: I don’t want-  Wally’s church?  I like Wally’s church!  I can play with toys at Wally’s church!


Me: (As I stand Evan up and pull up his pants) Yes.


Evan: I like Wally!  Wally doesn’t live in a building!  Wally lives in a movie!


Me: Oh?


Evan: Yup, Wally lives in a movie with robots!  And there is a girl robot!  And her name is EVE!


So we drove the half an hour to my friend’s church passing our Catholic church on the way, and Evan kept babbling on about Wally, Wall*e, and the toys at Wally’s church.  Sean kept singing to the radio.

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