I’m learning so much

Last week I had a lot of fun coming up with things I learned over the week.  I thought I would do it again.  Besides I’m running late because we were at the park with some of Tornado E’s friends.  You know, trying to make my child more socially ready for kindergarten.  So here are the ten things I learned this week.

  1. My children are mooches.  Open some kind of snack and they will be asking for some.
  2. My children actually use “please” and “thank you” when they want something real bad, like someone else’s grapes or M&M’s.
  3. My grandma warned me that children and husbands will make a liar out of you every time; she told me to see what happens the first time I tell someone Tornado E doesn’t like to eat something.  Apparently, I’ll turn around and find him eating it.  So who’s going to invite us over so Tornado E can eat broccoli?
  4. I really think my grandmothers are going crazy.  I’m hoping it’s not hereditary.
  5. The Husband cannot remember to throw out his tea bags.  CAN NOT REMEMBER.  But he’ll toss out the bread crusts I was drying for bread crumbs.
  6. Tell a four year old if he gets the room cleaned in ten minutes he can have a bowl of marshmallows, and he’ll get it done in seven.  Sweet.
  7. My mom likes to talk during story time.  I feel like a hypocrite.
  8. My old college roommate has figured out how to name my child.  She just keeps randomly telling me the name she thinks is perfect, and I’m starting to believe her.
  9. If a Yoda figure doesn’t have a head, children will still play with it.
  10. According to one cleaning/organizing book, you’re suppose to vacuum every day.  Let that digest.  Then have a good laugh.

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