Your Useless Thoughts and Prayers

While you send your thoughts and prayers and tell us it’s not the time and how gun control is some sacred right, my ten-year-old son didn’t want to go to school today; he nearly cried.

He’s worried that his school will be next.

Because he’s already started to put two and two together. This shooter is white and male with a history of acting out and being angry, and he was expelled. A boy in seventh grade who is white with a history of action out and being angry was expelled (or more likely encouraged to leave).

While I do not believe my children and their school is in harm’s way. Tornado S is seeing patterns. While these might not be the right patterns, patterns do exist.

While I personally believe we should have some common sense gun laws like mandatory permits and training and violent offenders being stripped of their gun rights, I can play the game your way. You want to say it’s mental illness. I can stand with you.

But that means actually doing something about it. Like free mental health care. Like de-stigmatizing mental illness and mental care. Like trained and licensed counselors at all schools.

Except you’re not doing any of those things. You’re not researching. You’re not debating. You’re not talking to law enforcement agencies or government officials, who have passed successful laws to deal with shootings. You are passing the buck. With your thoughts and prayers.

While I have to convince my son that he’s safe, thinking that it’ll happen in my school before his, and on that day, you’ll find me guarding my classroom door with a pair of scissors, praying that I see my boys again. And I will have just as much contempt for your thoughts and prayers as I do now.

Excuse me while I write angry emails and letters to my legislators.