Halloween Indecision

First it was a witch.  A boy witch.

Then Evan wanted to be a ghost.  Who can blame him?  The Haunted Mansion ghosts are cool.

Then Saturday he tried to decide between a princess in a castle or a faery in a castle.  Yes, I did ask, “Do you mean a prince?”  He assured me he wanted to be a princess.  Then he saw the faery costumes in the catalogue, and he declared he wanted to be a faery.  Unfortunately we were on the phone with my father-in-law who said there were no boy faeries.  Oh yeah, what about Oberon or Puck?  Give me some credit; I’m not going to put him in a dress with tights.  I’ll figure something out.

Today he wanted to be a purple witch or a purple ghost.  When I mentioned I’ve never seen a purple ghost and that they are usually white.  Evan declared he will be a purple boy witch along with Papi, Grandma, Grandma-great. 

I hate to stiffle his creativity.  I promise to keep it in context with society on some level.  I can’t wait to show him the pictures when he’s ten and hates girls.  I just better make the costume soon or who knows what he’ll come up with.