What is This?

Tornado E: Daddy, what is this?

The Husband: A penny.

Tornado E: No, Daddy!  What is this?

The Husband: A penny, Tornado E.

Tornado E: No!  What is this?

The Husband: The head of Lincoln.  Get in the car, Tornado E.

Tornado E: No, Daddy!  What is this?

The Husband: Tornado E!  Get in the car!

Me: Tornado E.  One side is the head of Lincoln and the other side is the Lincoln Memorial.

Tornado E:  But what is this?!

The Husband: Get in the car, and I’ll look at it.

Tornado E: But Daddy-

The Husband: Get into your seat!

I buckled Tornado E in, and The Husband and I got into the car.  I started the car and began to back out of the parking space.

Tornado E: Daddy!  Now can you tell me what it is?

The Husband examined the penny.

The Husband: This side is the profile of Abraham Lincoln.  And this side is the Lincoln Memorial.  It’s in Washington, D.C.

Me: And I’ve been there, and one day, we’ll take you there.

Tornado E looked at the penny.

Tornado E:  I have an idea!  Let’s play a game.  Heads or memorials!

The Husband and I exchanged a look.

The Husband: The kid’s too damn smart.

Me: I know.