Child Labor

I’ve been making some small adjustments to my cleaning regime.  Things like do dishes as you cook or do the breakfast dishes during lunch.  The crazy one is to actually pick up as soon as the activity is over.  I know, I was not meant for this homemaking business.

The funny thing is the boys are catching on.  Sure, they don’t pick up most of the time when they’re done playing with someone, but they pick up without bitterly complaining.  I watched Tornado E today do his “push-ups” on The Husband’s yoga mat that he left out, and when Tornado E was done with it, he rolled it up and gave it to The Husband to put away.  I don’t know what shocked me more, the push-ups or the picking up of the yoga map.

While Tornado S is not to keen on picking up, he can’t be left out.  Tornado E’s drop used to be set the table, but Tornado S would run and do it before Tornado E, so now Tornado E puts on things I think he can carry.  He’s only dropped the hot dogs once.  I started requiring Tornado E to help clean off the table, and Tornado S trots behind Tornado E carrying his own stuff.

Then there’s the morning chore chart for the boys.  It’s a brilliant idea when I remember to use it.  Yesterday Tornado E checked the abandoned chart on his door and started to race up the list (Because my boy is all about doing things backwards, like writing his name.).  He checked off the chores with a crayon, moving to one chore to the next without any reminding or coaxing.  The boy made his bed without me saying anything.  I just watched, pointing out Tornado E did more around the house than The Husband, who sipped his tea.

Yup, things are going great.  If I can keep this up for another fifteen years or more, I’m writing a book on parenting.

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