The Countdown

I wasn’t in such a panic as I appeared to be on Friday.  Sure, I was a little behind.  But I’m good at swimming when I’m in over my head.

My photographer friend promised to do the boys pictures next weekend and pinky-swore to get me the pictures the day after.  A sigh of relief.

My class is finished next weekend.

On Friday, when I posted, I saw a weekend ahead of me.  A Sunday.  Free of obligations except class and making dinner.

But then Tornado A was sick. On Friday.  And on Saturday.

And Friday night when I was trying to do my insane research project, lots of research for a stupid 3 page paper, Tornado A woke and needed to be consoled.

And Tornado S started getting warm as we sat in the theatre watching a comedy-musical Christmas play.  Oh great.

And Saturday night as I attempted to work on my stupid project, Tornado A woke up and needed to be consoled.  And woke up and needed to be consoled.  And woke up and needed to be consoled.  And woke up and needed to be consoled.  (The only cute thing was he kept asking for the newest album, a mixed cd.  It was cute even at 4:10 am.)

And on Sunday Tornado S was sick.  And Tornado A was getting better.

Getting better meant sticking to Mommy like a burr or taking out every single toy and then screaming (SCREAMING) if anyone touched it as in to put it away.  Or screaming over every time he didn’t get his way.  Oh God, the screaming.  And he was too sick to be tossed into time-out or into his room or locked outside for the neighbors to enjoy.

So this weekend.  What got done?

Well, I did feed the children.  Sort of healthy food.

I got my projects and my discussion done.  It was to the wire, but I was taking care of sick kids, which gave me a migraine.  (I wish I could write on my late papers “Single Mom, on call all the time.  Sorry.”  I don’t think it would fly.)

And laundry was washed and dried.


Kids were washed.


Dining room floor was swept and mopped.


Oh, right.  My parents’ bought me a book case, and now the DVD collection is not housed in boxes lining my living room.  Woo.


Oh. Homework for the boys was finished, and their chores were done.  Yea!


The picture frames were not decorated.

The family tradition of celebrating St. Nick Day by buying for Toys for Tots was not done.

I didn’t get to sneak away and play Santa.

We didn’t go Christmas clothes shopping.

The house did not get cleaned.

The week’s dessert did not get made.

So, yeah.  Now I’m kinda panicking.

Like wondering when we’ll do Santa.

When I’ll get to the post office.

Maybe I should buy those last gifts.

When I should take Tornado E out to buy his gifts.


Then there are the crafts and the ornaments to be made.

And the decorating.


I really should just calm down and pick the important things.