Can I please have . . . ?

To keep my boys out of harm’s way while I make dinner, I turn on the TV to either PBS or Noggin.  The other day I turned on Noggin and Go Diego Go happened to be playing.  When I finished making dinner, I went to turn off the TV and retrieve Evan and Sean from the coach, so Evan could set the table.  Then we could have our cheese enchiladas.


Evan: Mommy, are we going to have dinner now? 


Me: Yes.


Evan: YEA!!!  I like the baby marmoset.  He’s so cute!  Mommy, do you like the baby marmoset?


Me: Yes.


Evan: Mommy, can I have a baby marmoset from the jungle?  Please, please? 


See the cute baby pygmy marmosets?


Ah how cute!


But we are talkuing about a three-year-old and a wild animal.  A three-year-old that would play with it until it couldn’t play anymore.  Or until the baby turned into this. . .


See the teeth?




Yeah, Mommy says no.



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