Thank you, Kat

I’ve waited too long to tell this story and to show my true gratitude.  Remember my little rant about Kung Fu Panda shirts.  Well, some one was listening and decided to answer me.


A few days after my long rant, my best friend called me.  (Ok, we talk every day, or to be honest, several times a day, so it wasn’t surprising she called me.) 


Wally: Hey, what sizes are the boys in now?


Me: 3t and 18 months, but Sean will pop into 2t any day now.  Why?


Wally: It’s a surprise.


Me: (Skeptical) Ok.  You know we’re leaving next week, right?


Wally: Don’t remind me!


Me: And Evan will be out of 3t in the summer.  But when it comes to pants he has a tiny waist so he barely can keep is pants around the waste.  And-


Wally: Ok. Stop making everything so complicated.  I’ll tell you.  Just act surprise when it comes.  My sister has been reading your blog and saw how you couldn’t find any Kung Fu Panda shirts –


Me: Your sister reads my blog?  Doesn’t she have more important and fun things to do?


Wally: She loves it.  Any ways, she found some Kung Fu Panda shirts online and wants to buy them for the boys and –


Me: –


Wally: They were cheap!  Don’t argue with me.  She called me wanting to know the boys’ sizes and your address.  I said, well, they’re actually moving soon.  But she insists that she can get them there before you leave.  They’re long sleeve, but she says it’s still cold in Arizona.


Me: Make it size 4t and 2t because it’ll only be cold for another month here.  Shorts by mid April.  But it’s not necessary.  She can give me the website and I can-


Wally: Don’t give me crap about her buying your sons gifts.  Be gracious and accept.


My best friend knows me too damn well.


Two days later a package arrived.  Thankfully I remembered the conversation as there was no return address or anything inside to let me know who sent it to Evan and Sean (uhem, Kat) because once you have a stalker problem you get a bit jumpy over unmarked packages.  Besides how could I thank this wonderful angel for sending me Kung Fu panda shirts, pajamas, and books?


As it happened, the box came the same day as the grandparents did, so it was hard to tell what excited them most.  The boys saw their gifts and danced their happy dances.  Sean’s dance is twirls and body bumps; while Evan’s are high jumps off the nearest furniture.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been cold enough to wear long sleeved shirts, so I had to hide them before Evan and Sean demanded to get heat stroke.


©j So Kat, thank you very much for being so wonderfully thoughtful and sweet.  ©



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