Hey what’s this below my penis? (a Three-year-old’s exploration of his body)

We were sitting on our separate toilets when Tornado E noticed a “new” part of his anatomy.


Tornado E: Mommy, what are these?


He was tugging on his balls.


Me: They are your testes.  Or some people call them balls.


Tornado E: (His hands still moving and manipulating his sack.) What are they?


Me: Your testes or balls.


Tornado E: (He sperates them to notice there are actually two.) What are they? (for?)


Me: They’re part of your penis.  All boys have them.  I’ll explain more when you get older.


Tornado E: (He stops to look at me to emphasize his question.) What do they DO?


Me: Well . . . um . . . they’re for makingbabies.  (cough)


Pondering silence.


Tornado E: That’s weird!  I go potty now!  But when I’m older I’ll make babies!


Me: Sure.  (We’ll go with that for now.  I wasn’t expecting those questions until I was pregnant again.)  Are you done peeing now?


Beyond the door, in the office, I hear faint chuckling.  Next time, I’ll tell Tornado E to ask his Father.


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