Thank you notes

This last weekend we attended our very first, non-family member birthday party.  It was for Tornado E’s bestest friend, KJ.  Since we had issues last week, I decided to stay, rather than drop and go, but all the moms stayed.  It was nice to keep an eye on the kids and talk.

Before Christmas, KJ’s mom confided in me that all KJ wanted was a dinosaur.  When I received the invitation, I asked the mom if KJ got her dinosaur.  No.  So after several stores (Last year there were walking, roaring dinosaurs EVERYWHERE), I secured a dinosaur.

Tornado E was on his best behavior and talked all the way to the party about what he would say to KJ and what they would do.  Apparently, to quiet a group of kids, all you need to do is feed them cake and ice cream, and the whole group goes silent.  It was a little awe-inspiring, sort of like the Grand Canyon.

The next day I received an email from the mom, telling me how KJ LOVED her toy, wouldn’t put it down, had to sleep with it, had to take it to church.  Yeah, I rock.  On Monday, Tornado E received his thank you note.  (Which reminds me, put Christmas thank you notes into the mail.)  As we drove to my parents’ house, Tornado E opened the card and began to read.

Tornado E: Thank you, Tornado E, for the great gift.  I loved it very very very very very much.  We should play with it.  Thank you.  Your best pal, KJ.

Me: Good reading, Tornado E.

Tornado E: Thank you.  I told you I could read.  Now I get to go to college tomorrow.

Um.  Not so fast.  You have to actually read the words on the page accurately.

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