The Tornadoes Try to Plan an Impromptu Vacation

On the first day of Rodeo break two weeks ago, I texted my best friend at 10 am.

My phone rang with her ringtone.

Wally: Why aren’t you at school?

Me: Rodeo Break!

Wally: Your town is so weird.

We talked for 45 minutes as she commuted to school. Tornado A insisted on talking to her, but then she had to go. As we were saying goodbye, Tornado S entered the room.

Tornado S: Are we going to see Wally?

Me: Um, no.

Tornado E entered the room.

Tornado E: We’re going to see Wally?!

Me: No. She lives in California.

Tornado A: Is Wally coming to see us?!

Me: No, she’s going to class. Can you here this?

Wally: (laughing) Yeah, but I got to get to class. Tell the boys I love them. I love you.

Me: I love you too. Good luck. Study hard. Bye.

Wally: Thanks. Good luck. Bye.


Tornado E: When can we see Wally?

Me: Probably this summer.

Tornado S: Why can’t we see her today?

Me: Because she lives 8 hours away, and she has work and school.

Tornado A: So she can come here!

Me: Not possible.

So I have realized we can vacation nowhere but Southern California, so we can visit Wally. Today I told the younger tornadoes about my thought.

Tornado A: Wally is mommish.

Tornado S: Because she’s family!

Tornado A: She’s not family! She’s not related to us!

Tornado S: She’s kin!

Me: I call her my sister.

Tornado A: She doesn’t share our blood.

Me: She shares our heart, and that is more than enough.

Tornado S: YEA!

Tornado: Ok. That’s good enough.


My Sunshine (at 22 months)


Smiling to put stars in his eyes, roses on his cheeks, running with

Everything wiggling side to side, he runs full wiggle towards me,

And I wait, expecting him to say “Juice, peease.” But he smashes his

Nose into my thigh, wrapping his arms around my knees.





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A Sobering moment

“Hey, you remember L. and R.?” asked my husband from Evan’s room as he fought to put a toddler in a diaper and a night shirt; while, I, in the nursery, forced Sean into a diaper that he was instant he did not need.

Remember them?  Let’s see.  L. was a promising sales rep my husband wanted to train to become a manager.  R. came to work for my husband as a administrative assistant and customer support person.  They were recovering addicts determined to make it work this time.  Married with a red curled daughter who was almost a year older than Evan.  R. was determined to keep this child as her other four children were taken away and lived with R.’s mother.  I even watched the daughter for a few days because the babysitter was sick.  The daughter loved me because I let her run around and not forced her to watch tv (yeah, great babysitter, huh?).  My husband was determined that we be friends, which lasted until R. started to blame me for miss deposits and missed bills.  Which was crap because I went every other day to collect that stuff, she just would forget to give it to me.  Then L. and R. left to join my husband’s competition, ex-employees with a grudge, who loved to recruit other employees.  Yeah, you can say I remember them.

Me: Yeah.

Husband: Well, when their daughter was taken away-

Me: What?!

Husband: Oh, I didn’t tell you.  I forgot.  Yeah, social services took away their daughter a little while ago.

Me: Why?

Husband: They’re back using.

Shit.  And I looked down at Sean who is now content that he is done with his diaper change.  I picked him up and held him tight.  Nothing will ever take my boys away from me.  And I whispered that fiercely into Sean’s head.

I say this because sometimes I forget how precious my boys are and how lucky I am to have it.  Usually that’s after several temper tantrums, battles of independence, and fits of wailing.  I know I would never damage my relationship with my kids.  How horrible it is to have something just take over your life and forget that you’re a parent.

Off my soapbox

Let me lighten the mood before I go.  We’ve been playing with bubbles lately.  Evan runs around trying to knock them all out, like his Uncle Matt, like the yellow fish in the tank gang in Finding Nemo.  I’m trying to teach Evan not to knock Sean over in the process of getting bubbles.  Smiling, Sean just stands still and reaches for bubbles.  Sean has also figured out to blow bubbles.  He loves bubbles; it was his second word.  So they are desperate to play bubbles ALL THE TIME.  Thank god for the inventor of the no-spill liquid bubble holder.  If you don’t have one, get one.  They work.  They are awesome.  They are a god send.