The Three Little Pigs According to a Three Year Old

Tornado E: Mommy, let’s play Three Little Pigs!


Me: Ok, Tornado E.


Evan: You’re the Big Bad Wolf!  And I’m the Little Pig!  This is my house of sticks!  You can’t get me!


Me: (Smiling as I sauntered over.  I knelt down to be eye level with the coffee between the wolf and the pig.)  Little pig.  Little pig.  Let me in!  (Enter a creepy thought of the Shinning.  I mean Shining. 😉 )


Tornado E: NO!  (Close enough)


Me: Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in!  (Huffed and Puffed)


(Tornado E threw a great jab into my nose.  Tornado S laughed from the couch.  Tornado E grinned in triumph.)


Tornado E: Big Bad Wolf!  You can’t blow my house down!  It’s made of sticks!  And I punched you!


I guess if you can’t have a good defense, you might as well have a good offense.  Thank God he didn’t break my nose.

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