Conversations at the Library

We were at the library, and Tornado E was desperate for friends.

Tornado E: May I please join you?

Grandmother: Yes, you may. Girl, tell the boy he can join us.

Girl: You may join us.

Tornado E: (pulls out chair and sits down) Thank you.

Grandmother: Tell him your name.

Girl: I’m Girl.

Grandmother: Ask him what his name is.

Girl: What’s your name?

Tornado E: Tornado E!  And I’m silly!

Grandmother: Oh, I’m sure you’re not silly.

Tornado E: Yes, I am!  I’m very silly!

Later he joined a nanny and her charge.

Tornado E: My father doesn’t like my mommy calling us “dudes.”  But I don’t mind.  My father is just silly.

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