The Newest Family Member

One of my good friends went to Thailand to do humanitarian work several months ago.  Being the sweet darling she is, she brought back a hand-made dinosaur for Tornado E and a hand-made water buffalo for Tornado S.  Tornado E adores Toothy, sleeping with him every night.  But the poor water buffalo got the short end of the stick since Tornado S’s true love is his blanky.

Today Tornado E was playing with the water buffalo, playing with the horns, singing his version of “Where is Thumpkin?”  Then Tornado E left to keep his daddy company as daddy dressed.  Lucky daddy; they don’t bother him when he’s in the shower.  I walked in a minute later to put some jewelry away as the boys tend to sneak into the boxes and play with them.

The Husband: Tornado E was just telling me that he wants the – what do you call this?

Me: A water buffalo.

The Husband: Right.  Tornado E doesn’t want another baby.  He wants us to raise the water buffalo.  It’s going to need food and love, and it will get bigger.

Me: Really?

Tornado E: And he’s name is Horny!


Me and The Husband: What?

Tornado E: His name is Horny!

Tornado E smiled at our hooting laughter and his cleverness.

(And I bet you thought I was talking about the Munchkin.)

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It’s all about names

Mommy, this is Sicky the robot.

Mommy, this is Sicky the cactus.

Meet my friend, Sicky the bug.

Mommy, say hi to Sicky the car.

This is my friend Sicky the bear.

My friend Sicky the monster is coming swimming with us.

Sicky the dinosaur is going to have lunch with us.

Mommy, Sicky the duck is thirsty.

Mommy, Sicky the octopus is hungry.

Sicky the worm wants to play outside.

Sicky the snake is my friend.

Sicky the dog wants to watch cartoons.

Sicky the turtle doesn’t want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Look, it’s Sicky the rock.


Kid, we’ve got to expose you to more names.   I don’t know how, but we will. 


Look in the mirrors Mommy.  It’s my friends Sicky, Dicky, and Luke.  They’re brothers.


Ok, I can work on this.


Met my friend Sicky the truck.

This is Sicky the dragon.

Look, it’s Sicky the tree.


Or not.  What happen to Gooey?  I miss him.

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When everything is named the same

Does anyone remember Sicky the Sushi?  Well, Evan has decided this is a super name for all kinds of objects.



Morning.  In front of my parent’s house.


Me: Come on, Evan.  We have to go back in the house.  Papi put on cartoons for you.


Evan: But, Mommy, I have to say hi to Sicky!


Me: Who’s Sicky?


Evan: That pineapple tree!  His name is Sicky!


Me: That’s a palm tree.  (A two story tall palm tree) But it does look like a pineapple.


Evan: Mommy, can you carry me over to say hi to Sicky?


Well, at least, he, unlike Sean, knows that it hurts to walk barefoot on the rocks.


Me: Ok.  (I picked up Evan and walked him over to the palm tree.)  Hi, Sicky.  Pat him, Evan.


Evan: (patting the palm tree) Hi, Sicky!  We have to go now!



Later, at someone else’s backyard.  In the corner of the yard, there was a short squat palm tree.


Evan: Look!  It’s Sicky!  Hi, Sicky!  Look, Mommy!  Sicky has lots of hands!  (Yes, the palms do look like hands.)  Sicky has lots of feet too!  (I have no idea what that means.)


Me: Come on, Evan.  Daddy’s waiting for us to leave.  Say bye to Sicky.


Evan: Bye, Sicky!  We’ll see you later!



Later.  Back at my parent’s house.  We’re pulling into the driveway.


Evan: Look, Mommy!  It’s my friend, Sicky!  (Before I could wave to the palm tree)  My friendly cactus Sicky!  He’s a good, friendly cactus!  (I don’t know about that.)  He’s a tall cactus!  (I saw about nine feet tall.)  But he can’t wave back!  He doesn’t have any arms!  Poor Sicky!  But I love him any way!


Just don’t hug him, kid.

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Sushi Names

For Christmas, Evan received an incredibly awesome gift, a toy sushi set.  He has played with it every day since he got it.  Evan is also in the phase of naming things.  He has named his sushi.  (We’re guess on what the sushi is since some of the pieces only look like real sushi from far away.)


Magurio (Tuna) is named Sushi.

Tamangoyaki (egg sushi) is named Juicy.

Sake (Salmon) is called Dooky.

Hamachi (Yellowtail) is called Hooky.

Hirame (Flounder) is called Sicky.


So we have Sushi, Juicy, Dooky, Hooky, Sicky.  And they all call me “Mom.”



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What’s in a Name?

A few months ago, Evan started naming things.  I was expecting this development much earlier than it came as several times I had asked him the name of the toy he held.  Now he comes up with so many unique names.


First came Circle.  Circle is the name of a yellow seahorse, meant to spray water in the bath.  For some reason, Evan has become very attached to Circle.  It’s a change from carrying around a flashlight, a sword, or a wooden spoon.


Circle has a best friend named Puddle, a purple elephant also a bath toy.  So Circle and Puddle joined Evan on many trips, and for a while, they were the only creatures with names.  When asked if one of the other toys had a name, Evan would run and grab Circle and Puddle, showing that these two toys had names.


Then after the last trip to Arizona, Evan named the rocking horse, Athena, after my parents’ dog.  Granted Evan only calls the horse ‘Thena, like every other person in the house calls Athena, ‘Thena.  (I call her Athene.)   Because a horse is a horse, Evan also named his stick horse Athena, yet both horses are referred to as a he.  Go figure. So now we have four toys with names.


Yesterday Evan informed me that his teddy bear’s name was Teddy.  It lacks in originality, but I can’t complain; my teddy bear was named Teddy.  Today he named a toy ladybug Fido.  I’m assuming it’s after The Upside Down Show.  (Has any one else seen this show?  It’s crazy and oddly stimulating.) 


Believing that it is giving me a unique look into Evan’s mind, I enjoy listening to him name his toys.  I guess it’s all about how some one sees the world and takes ownership over it, putting a unique personality to it.  I wonder what he’ll come up with next.