Breaking Penis Rule #2

Yesterday we went swimming as usual when it gets to be 106.  (Ok, usually it’s 101, but it’s still crazy hot.)  After we got out, the boys ran around air-drying themselves.  I took off Tornado S’s swimsuit because he has a habit of peeing right after he gets out of the pool.

Tornado E came over to inspect Tornado S’s penis.  He reached out and messed with it.  This was much more disturbing to my baby brother than for me.

Uncle M: Tornado E!  Stop playing with your brother’s penis!

Thanks, M.  I think the neighborhood heard you.

Tornado E: But Uncle M, I like playing with it!

Just the excuse we needed to hear.  I intervened before my brother could throw his two cents in about this turn of events.  Is that the sound of Papi trying not to laugh?

Me: Tornado E, Penis Rule #2 states we do NOT play with other people’s penises.  Next time you’ll be going into time out.

The Penis Rules

  1. You can only play with your penis when you are alone in your room.
  2. You are not allowed to play with someone else’s penis.
  3. You must have pants on to go out front.
  4. When in public, including the front yard, you may not take your penis out to show any one.